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Mimizan Cover / Tutorial. February 11, 2010

My Cover.

Through Facebook I asked Jon Natchez how to play the song on accordion.

And he answer me this:

Jon Natchez September 22, 2009 at 12:02pm

“Hi Daniel.  Here’s the accordion part, straight from Perrin:

“Here’s how to play Mimizan. The song is originally in F#, but here it is transposed to G to make it better to play.
the song is a waltz with 2 parts.  Left hand chords are on the bottom line, right hand melody is the top line.
Part 1:
A B B ,  A B B,  A B B,  A B A,  C B B,  C B B,  C B B,  C B C
G             G          G           G            C          C           C           C

Part 2:
C D E,    C D E,  C D E,   F E D,   C D E,  C D E,  C D E,  C D E
Fm          Fm       Fm        Fm        C           C           C            C     ”

And my tutorial.

First Verse:
Left Hand Bass Buttons: F# + B

Right Hand Melody:

With F#:
Ab – Bb – Bb (x3) Ab – Bb – Ab

With B:
B – Bb – Bb (x3) B – Bb – B

Left Hand Bass Buttons: Em + B

Right Hand Melody:
With Em:
B (In a higher octave)

With B:
Bb – Gb (In the same octave)

Verse – Chorus

First Solo  (with Left Hand: Bass Buttons F# + B)
Ab – Bb – Bb – Ab – Gb – G – Gb

Second Solo  (with Left Hand: Bass Buttons F# + B)
Db – B – Bb – Ab – Bb – Db – B – Bb – Ab – Gb – Ab – Bb

Thanks, Natchez. With my band ( The Flying Beirut Orkestar ) I play this song alone with violin and voice. In the other songs we have mandolin, flute, two violins, two ukes, two guitars, drums, all at the same time. Take a look.

Good luck,

If you have any questions just ask.