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My Night With A Prostitute From Marseille Tutorial. February 13, 2010

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This are the notes in the piano or accordion.


and the violinist of my band The Flying Beirut Orkestar get the notes

on the mandolin that is tuned the same as the violin. Here is his tutorial:

Try it.



Mimizan Cover / Tutorial. February 11, 2010

My Cover.

Through Facebook I asked Jon Natchez how to play the song on accordion.

And he answer me this:

Jon Natchez September 22, 2009 at 12:02pm

“Hi Daniel.  Here’s the accordion part, straight from Perrin:

“Here’s how to play Mimizan. The song is originally in F#, but here it is transposed to G to make it better to play.
the song is a waltz with 2 parts.  Left hand chords are on the bottom line, right hand melody is the top line.
Part 1:
A B B ,  A B B,  A B B,  A B A,  C B B,  C B B,  C B B,  C B C
G             G          G           G            C          C           C           C

Part 2:
C D E,    C D E,  C D E,   F E D,   C D E,  C D E,  C D E,  C D E
Fm          Fm       Fm        Fm        C           C           C            C     ”

And my tutorial.

First Verse:
Left Hand Bass Buttons: F# + B

Right Hand Melody:

With F#:
Ab – Bb – Bb (x3) Ab – Bb – Ab

With B:
B – Bb – Bb (x3) B – Bb – B

Left Hand Bass Buttons: Em + B

Right Hand Melody:
With Em:
B (In a higher octave)

With B:
Bb – Gb (In the same octave)

Verse – Chorus

First Solo  (with Left Hand: Bass Buttons F# + B)
Ab – Bb – Bb – Ab – Gb – G – Gb

Second Solo  (with Left Hand: Bass Buttons F# + B)
Db – B – Bb – Ab – Bb – Db – B – Bb – Ab – Gb – Ab – Bb

Thanks, Natchez. With my band ( The Flying Beirut Orkestar ) I play this song alone with violin and voice. In the other songs we have mandolin, flute, two violins, two ukes, two guitars, drums, all at the same time. Take a look.

Good luck,

If you have any questions just ask.